Three Points Fiber Mill is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality finished product, adhering to the International Yarn Standards. Specializing in alpaca, angora goat mohair and sheep's wool, our mill processes fiber and produces yarn, roving, batts, and felted fabrics for small farms across the country. Three Points Fiber Mill utilizes sustainable agricultural and fiber processing techniques to minimize our impact on the environment, provide a value-added service to fiber producers at competitive prices and produce the highest quality finished products for you, our customers.  

Alpaca Skein Chocolate
Alpaca Skein Chocolate

Transform Your Fiber

Please fill out the form below then email it to: We will contact you to confirm the order and again upon receipt of your fiber. Please ensure the completed form is in every bag when shipping. 
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Spinning Dark Chocolate Alpaca Fleece
Spinning Dark Chocolate Alpaca Fleece

We strive to spin all fibers without blending unless specifically requested. Occasionally, due to the fiber characteristics, we find we are unable to spin certain fiber without adding a blending material to achieve satisfactory results. Three Points Fiber Mill will contact you immediately should your fiber require blending to achieve the desired final product. If you do not want your fiber blended we will return it to you and only charge you for the processing completed, generally the pin-drafted roving fee.


All new customers must complete and send in the Fiber Processing Policy and Payment Agreement.


New Customers: We are pleased to offer new customers 20% off your first order.
Free Shipping: We are pleased to offer free return shipping for orders 20lbs or more (Not valid with other discounts)
Volume Discounts: Ask about contract and large batch discounts.
Refer a Friend: As a thank you for referring a friend, we will offer a 5% discount on your next order for each new customer referral you make. (Not to exceed 20% per order)


We ask that you contact us prior to dropping off or picking up your completed product. We are located at 7533 East Hoff Rd. Sunman, IN 47041. The mill is conveniently located just a mile off Interstate 74, between Cincinnati, OH and Indianapolis, IN.